Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Enough To Cry

Each time I reach out to activate my Google screen, there is a repulsiveness. Such divergent opinions. Such grandstanding. The din is deafening. So, I am having one of those moments where I am stuffed to the gills with other people’s stupid. My own besetting sin is enough, thank you very much.

I sat down to write my brother today, and that feeling just grew. Such disappointment in the disappointment of others. Truly a “get out your can opener Saint Peter! Pry the lid off this can and get me out of here!” The world feels so sad right now. My beloved country is long time around the bend. Fevered in self-proclaimed self-righteousness. Everybody is right, nobody is wrong, and the human mice chases it’s tail rushing madly on the turnstile in its cage. Dear, dear Saint Peter can you get me outta here?

Then I consider the children. My weariness becomes soul twisting grief. What about the children, Lord? What about the babies? Who can’t possibly know how much the current barrage of adults and teens are stealing from their future? Lining the mice cage with hate so vehement, the mice are mindless with crazy. Lord, I think, “I’d rather drink out of “Colored Only” drinking fountains for the rest of my days than continue with such madness.”

But it is within that consideration for the children I begin to find my peace. One question the Lord positions before me. “What about Me can you say has changed?” And just that quickly and simply, to the storm within He speaks “peace be still.”

I am assured that the same advocate for my soul, remains faithful to the souls of every child being swept along our tide of social and mental imbalance. So teach your children well, and you try to remember as well. Love the Lord your GOD with all your heart, mind, and soul. And your neighbor as you do yourself. It is not a matter of taking sides. It certainly is not a matter of justified hate. It is a matter of treating others as you would have them treat you. Now admittedly that does not guarantee that others will adopt that same biblical principle towards you.

So, let your children know, we play to an audience of one! If my ways please the Lord, He will make my enemies my footstool. There is only one source of righteousness. One place of justice. Everything else is a smokescreen.

If you are a lover of GOD remain true to that course. It is the only declaration necessary. It is the only protest that is legitimate. It is the only outcome that satisfies the need.

“But come what may. From day to day. Our heavenly FATHER watches o’ veerrr, me.” (William C. Martin 1864-1914)


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