Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.



Its after seven in the morning. But our skies lie draped with overcast. For once it matches my spirit. Ravi Zacharias’ daughter has sent out an email saying he is now with JESUS.

So, I am feeling once again that grief that assailed me when my Mother left this world. Vacillating between deep sorrow and unspoken envy. One more time a soldier has outrun me. My tears are for the loss and a sense of loneliness when you discover the runner running ahead of you has suddenly left. It requires a reorientation in your thinking. A realignment in your comfort zones.

But like any infantry soldier, you know your duty is to quicken your march and fall into step. Closing any gap that may have appeared. We are at essence commissioned volunteers, drafted into the war of wars. I don’t negate the joy of this life. I don’t hide the discomfort. I am not tired nor weary in the traditional sense. But it is times like this, I long to go home.

For us to die is gain. But for us to live is CHRIST. So, I will not ask “Lord how long?” But rather, “What’s next?” Into the breach, I happily march with the people of GOD. Trusting and depending upon our LORD. Putting on the whole armor, every day, until I finish this race.


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