Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Yet Thankful

I set long into the evening google searching my brother’s name. His friends and loved ones are shocked! Behavior so alien to their knowledge of my brother. For me, searching was a chance to see my brother again.

Am I shocked? I guess no more than I am by my own sin, or yours. I have always believed sin makes us stupid. Right now, I am more quietened, sad but relieved. I miss my brother. But now my prayer for him can focus. The guessing eliminated.

I stand in the place of challenge. We all can declare our love for GOD when things are well. We all can apply the label of ‘blessed’ when we get what we want. Because we usually conclude what we want is what we need.

But during those moments that genuflect across the holy songs we sing. The Holy Word we read. Moments that challenge what we believe, can we be trusted?

Such questions are what can make me hesitate in writing about what the Lord has taught me. I know if I declare it, it will be confirmed in my life.

I take back nothing I know of GOD! In the face of discomfort, sadness, tears, and heartache one thing I know; GOD IS FAITHFUL.

Of this one thing, I am sure! So, Lord, help me to be trustworthy. Let my love and confidence in you ride supreme over my human fragility. Without knowing what it means to see our prayers answered for my brother we give him totally into your hands. You are GOD! You love us. We will trust you.


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