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Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thankful for Burning Egg Carton Days

I knew by 7:30 am it was going to be one of those days. I had awakened briefly about 2 am. I made quick work of the situation and then rushed back to my bed. Feeling especially efficient I decided to prepare my daily ration of medications instead of waiting until I awoke.

When I awoke later I realized I had taken the medicine normally taken at 8 am; at the conclusion of my 2 am meandering. What a glorious beginning to my Friday. I decided to go back to sleep.

Mr. D. was coming to visit today and so I begin to make myself presentable. But I just needed to finish this one row on the mittens I was crocheting. Then just one more. And one more after that one.

“I’m here Auntie,” D’s text read. I was yet sitting in a half skirt and raggedy white sweater on the side of my bed. I begin giggling. I could only imagine all the older woman stereotypes I was fulfilling. Braids drooping unorganized about my head. With generous white hair streaks adorning my braids. And a great big pink roller holding my bangs in place.

Like the industrial and old school gentleman that he is, D marshaled into the house all the groceries he had retrieved from King Soopers for me. He had driven the groceries some 100 miles to my home.

We sat sharing a warm and pleasant conversation. I had not seen him since May. Suddenly my smoke alarm begins screeching. What! What could be burning? I wasn’t cooking!

I hobbled back to the kitchen just in time to see the double-stacked eggs burst into flames. They had been placed over a low flame I had forgotten I had turned on earlier that day. I grabbed the cartons and blew out the flames, or so I thought.

Then as I held the eggs, the second carton burst into flames. Which burned a hole open under one of the eggs and it fell kamikaze-style to the floor. SPLAT!

Repeatedly blowing, I rushed to the sink with my egg carton fire to submerge the cartons in one of the soaking dishes; I had not wanted to wash last evening. But the largest pot soaking had old meat leavings floating in the water. It looked like a miniature marsh pond. Grouse me out the bathroom door! Burning eggs and scum water in a pan. No way dudes! No way!

I was able to extinguish the flames in a smaller cleaner, dish of water. Meanwhile, D apologizing profusely turned on the stove fan and rushed to open a window. We laughed the entire time we cleaned.

So, why would this be a day of thanksgiving? Because all things work together.

I went back to sleep because the I meds I took so early had as many vitamins included as prescription meds. The early hour just meant earlier to the bathroom I would rise.

While my guest had caught me unaware. I managed to grab a second skirt. (Although there was the moment my oxyline was tangled up in the clothing.) I was able to sit calmly in my chair as if my dressing was intentional and I was just somebody’s lovable grandma. And GOD had sent me a means to get the 47 cents per pound turkey I wanted for thanksgiving. There are no grocery stores in my area. Just very small and expensive family stores.

While D was there, the insurance company sent the contractor to install the missing gutter on my home. When they asked for $150.00 more to attach the drain spout to the gutter. We went out and talked to them. The contractors were kind and apologetic. I said, “there is no more money it is okay just leave off the drainpipe I will have it placed later.” But as we continued our visit, my insurance guy called and insisted upon paying for the drain installation himself.

While cleaning up the mess of the burning egg cartons. I discovered that only one egg had been lost. I also learned that when my new cartons of eggs are in trouble, I grow fearless of fire. Now, the top of my stove is spic-n-span clean, and every time I open the refrigerator door and see those soot-covered eggs; I enjoy a belly laugh.

Thank you, Lord, for such a pattern interrupting day like this one. I am so human. But I got JESUS and that’s enough!


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