Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thankful for Disposition

Anyone who knew my Mom knew she was a “glass-half-full” person. Before my Mom left this world, she had numerous strokes and eventually became a kidney dialysis patient. But whenever I would ask my Mom how she was doing she had one standard answer. “FANTASTIC!”

She was so consistent in this attitude that sometimes I wanted to smack her. But I hadn’t learned a few things yet. I have outlived my Mom by three years now, and I am thrilled to have discovered her secret. Life is indeed fantastic!

I think sometimes I am as surprised as anyone to realize I am a “glass-half-full” person. It is a clear clue to quiet myself and begin to talk with the Lord when I find myself with a “glass-half-empty” mindset.

“Glass half-full” is a disposition for which I am deeply grateful. A disposition established and supported by relationship with the Lord. From whatever position I find myself my prayer and determination is to always realize the FANTASTIC of living.


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