Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thanksgiving for Exploration that Continues

I find that lessons I am willing to receive from the Lord determine the greatness of my journey. In many ways that is a relief. The expectation for growth in GOD is not self-directed it is received. And each time I am willing to learn I grow and blossom. There is truly no end in sight.

I have been the benefactor of such lessons every year. This year so prevalent and ongoing I am intimidated by the telling. Because some of those stories and lessons are in flux.
One such lesson was the danger of becoming complacent and comfortable in physical, emotional and spiritual limitations. For example.

When I moved into my current home in 2016, I discovered that there was an imbalance in the distribution of electrical currents. But the house is more than 100 years old and I just assumed it was a condition that should be expected. In May of this year after a severe storm, the condition worsened.

I had a practice of only doing laundry during the day because the lights would blink in rhythm with the agitation of the washing machine. I could wash without the need for lightening during the day, so, for three years I had skirted this issue. But in May if I tried to wash and run the dryer at the same time, one of them would stop working. Then it became worse. By the end of May, I could not use the microwave oven while using any other machine or something would shut off. The oxygen compressor would shut off in the dead hours of the morning. Startling me awake with its alarm.

My house was in full revolt and I had no money nor any anticipation of monies to consider having someone come in and make repairs. I told the Lord about it. I determined in my heart to wait and believe in His faithfulness.

It was while talking to the Physician during a regular visit that the answer came. During our conversation, he stopped and wrote a name and number on his prescription pad. “I have known this young man since he was a boy,” he said. “He’s a pretty good electrician. Tell him I recommended him.” My heart sunk because I saw the man lived in Limon, Colorado. I had met with some of the most dishonest and hateful attitudes when dealing with people in Limon.

But at the urging in my spirit, I called that afternoon. The guy said he would come tomorrow morning. He did. But could find nothing wrong with the electrical outlets. He gave me an estimate of the cost to replace the wiring and outlets, but he did not do that type of electrical work.

Something is wrong he concluded; contact the electrical provider and have them check. I did and surprisingly they came that afternoon and begin looking. They soon concluded that there was a problem they just could not find the problem. They tested the microwave, all manner of machines; they still could not figure it out.

In desperation, they went out to the alley and lifted high above to their transponder. I heard the electrician yelp with joy! There were two of them and brother, were they excited.

My home they discovered was not completely connected to the transponder. So, they connected it. Guess what. No money needed. No more jumping lights when washing and drying. No more alarms in the night from machines shutting down. My small griddle no longer had the ability to shut off other machines when I used it.

For three long years, I had assumed I had a problem that I had no way of fixing. Or no one who would fix it if I found the money. In a matter of one-half day, the Lord had sent the fix at no cost to me!

It has been like that all year long. One fix and resolution after another! These retellings are not as poetic or profound. But I remain the benefactor of GOD’s grace. And every day is living proof that I stand enshrouded in His care.


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