Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Technical Rage

I just watched a ‘Howlers’ clip of children reacting to loosing at video gaming. The worst was a kid who thought his brother had broken his new monitor. There is a happy point between using technology vs. being used by technology. It isn’t a refusal to be technically involved, but a point where balance must rule.

Resist the urge to be grateful for behavior that gaming seems to engage. There is a price to pay when that is the source of peace, quiet, and engagement in your home, in your life.

The same goes for excessive television watching. You don’t want technology to babysit your children or keep your companion out of your hair.

Even when the human body can sit stagnant for hours at a time; the human brain does not.

We should be ambassadors of balance. In my childcare home, we had a movie day every Friday. Sometimes I encouraged the children to come in their pajamas and with bedding turn my main room into a big slumber party with snacks. Our rule was if you knew how to load the DVD or VCR you could be the designated movie selector. But you picked from my selection.

One of my two-year-old learned the operation of technologies especially easy. For a while, he was the go-to guy for the other children. He liked “To Sir With Love.” As well as the movie “Secondhand Lions.” I can’t recall how many times we watched those movies!

He was the last child to leave one day, and during the third viewing of the movie “Secondhand Lions”, Dad arrived. He wept and lamented like someone had died. Even after his Dad explained that it was a VCR movie and they only had DVD players. That two-year-old insisted that I let him borrow the movie. He could not be comforted.

In empathy with his Dad, I let him take the VCR movie home. But can you really imagine someone with those types of attachment issues; one day having the power to vote? If that is the behavior I saw with just one day devoted to movie watching, why aren’t you fearful of the little zombies you are nurturing. Technical emotions, technically governed reasoning all via the behest of a technical nanny.

Its a mess! I know. But – then – there – is – GOD! We can find our way back to balance through the Balancer.

Its like that old song. “You’d better run on home to JESUS, you’d better run! “You’d better run on home to JESUS you’d better run. “Oh Mothers bring your daughters, Fathers bring your sons. “Run on home to JESUS, you’d better run!” (So sorry, did not locate the author of this old gospel hymn.)


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