Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

The Question

After receiving the Grace of JESUS; do we continue to live beneath privilege if we readily assume the impact of the curse handed down in Eden? Curses that were injected into the human experience because of sin. Why doesn’t redemptive grace free us from its impact? (See Genesis 3 KJV.)

My Conclusion
The common and simple truth is that Grace does not make us less human we all will die. However, when I consider the life of Enoch, son of Jared and father of Methuselah or I remember the leaving of the prophet Elijah in a fiery chariot. That brings my reasoning into conflict. These were clear examples of humans for whom the physical barriers of this sinful world had been aborted. These men did not know the punishment of death.

Then I begin to remember occasion after occasion when the laws of this world were suspended. My goodness, the bones of Elias retain such anointing that a dying man tossed into his grave stood up and begin to live again! So now the question has become whether it is a mistake to consider the character of GOD mine’s too possess because the Grace of the Cross has made me a co-heir.

I am about to conclude that what I might want to call privilege is actually evidence of the presence of GOD which of course is never reliant upon anything I do or say.

When I was a little girl one of my first heroes was Enoch. I decided that I would walk with GOD so that I too would walk away from this world. I think what I did not realize was that Enoch was not the reason he was taken away by GOD; it was all GOD. When I think over what we consider miraculous and supernatural I am seeing a portion of the nature of GOD. What suspends the effect of our world is not privilege but all of creation obeying the presence of GOD. For me, possibly the greatest evidence of GOD.

What is truly head-scratching is that the omnipresence of GOD is everywhere and in all situations. I think I understand better why Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendago could say throw us into the furnace. GOD can deliver us but if He does not, GOD is still GOD. We will bow to none other. With trepidation I must conclude, only because I am human and I possess this huge “ouch” factor; but I must conclude that GOD is GOD is GOD.

There is no question of living beneath privilege, there is just my willingness to live as if GOD is GOD and worthy of all my trust and love. Whether I get to walk past death or the pains of this world; I can live with the assurance that when GOD is in the mix, His will gets done.

I am still open to more input. This is just where my reasoning has driven me. :slight_smile:

Ref: 2 Kings 2:9&11, 2 Kings 13:21, Genesis 5:21-24, Daniel 3:16-18 KJV.


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