Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

The Best For Me

Morning! Just chiming in. When I remember scripture that reads He rains on the just as well as the unjust, or gifts and callings are without repentance it opens wide the sense of GOD’s inclusiveness. Matthew 5:45 and Romans 11:29 KJV. Many things are given to us not because we choose them, but because GOD is just good. Personally, that remains good news for me. Some things are for granted like the many sources of food in the Garden of Eden.

I see the need to exercise my free will when submitting to the ordinance that declared, stay away from this tree, or when trusting GOD. When GOD says it is death, it always death. My submission of will is the small contribution I bring to the relationship with the CREATOR. A relationship that has always given me the best of this life. The prohibition is always for my good even if it seems illogical to me.

Life has a way of bringing me back to home base. Each situation requires that I choose GOD’s way. Mainly because inhabiting this body makes it improbable that I can respond routinely or correctly without help. No matter how long I live.

Each time the tears are fresh, the pain still hurts, and once again I must encourage my soul to remember the goodness of GOD and His faithfulness. When I do, joy becomes a deliberate response to my humanity. But I must do this because of human limitations. My choosing is the perfection I bring to the relationship. The weight of that choice is massive.

Therefore the commandments of the Lord are fuel within me. Not necessarily as a way of honoring the Lord, but rather support for my desire to live honorably before GOD.

I think that is part of the Grandeur of GOD. “He laid the foundation, then opened up the well.” (The Blind Boys of Alabama)

He established the point of redemption, much as He did when planting the Garden of Eden. He has given His Word that clearly identifies how best to maintain the relationship born of redemption. Much as He did via commandment in Eden and throughout our collective history.

What is newly received is the indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT to ensure that we travel the best course for maintaining that place of Grace. That is spectacular to consider! With the sacrifice of JESUS, GOD added one more safeguard to the keeping of His Commandments. The relationship is not just outside of me it permeates me within. The ultimate writing of the law upon the door post. The ultimate reminder.

All I need to do is choose. He asks me to choose. Talk about being Saran wrapped in Love!


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