Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Fix Me

STOP!!! Trying to fix other people. You can’t fix yourself! But you going to get someone straight!

Its frustrating. Its perplexing. Its enough to make you hurt somebody. Not because they are so ridiculous, but because you most certainly are!

People belong to GOD. Doesn’t matter if they believe it or live like they do. People belong to GOD.
That understanding should govern all we do or think. It is important to respect and honor the ownership of the Lord. Preserve the gift GOD has given you to occupy. Even feel free to protect the gifts He has given you duty and grace to preserve. (children etc.) But never forget, you can’t know what that looks like unless you consult the owner or the owner’s manual. However, consulting does not then make you the owner. You can’t own what was never yours to own.

I think people don’t need us to be GOD for them as much as they need us to allow GOD to be GOD in us. We can’t accomplish that on our own. We need GOD.

You know where trust comes into play. Its when I realize that the same stamp of ownership rest upon me. I am not fearless because I am guaranteed to be a protected Daniel in the lion’s den. Or a Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a fiery furnace. Trust factors in when I live with the assurance that if GOD allows it, there is a plan. And that plan is always for the good of those who love the owner. When I can trust that GOD’s banner over me is love; then everybody else had better watch out!

I am learning every day, to consult with the owner of it All. The brokenness of a fallen world is not mine to fix. The brokenness of my own world is not mine’s to fix either; I just need to keep the path clear so that the EMT of GOD’s heart for me is not obstructed. I need to be consistent in relinquishing my will to GOD’s keeping. It is the only thing required of me.

It is my prayer to never forget to whom we all belong and to never allow you to make me forget. Fix me JESUS fix me, while I’m in this world!


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