Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Its Just JESUS

Remember that old worship tune? “Oh its just JESUS, yes its just JESUS, its JESUS in my soul. I have touched the hem of His garment and His blood has made me whole.”

It is so clear to me in this moment. I wish I could claim great revelation via my soul. That always looks great on your spiritual resume. But its just JESUS, being JESUS. It is the love of GOD that does not let me go.

There are still dishes in my kitchen sink I need to wash. I ate too much spaghetti noodles today. And I found those candy bars I had hid from myself. I ate two of those. Ouch! Nearly 500 calories alone. I am deep into a house-wide redistribution of stuff. (Translated my abode is in chaos.) So, check and double check, I’m still fallible! Yet JESUS remains JESUS.

This fact is just ‘blowing’ my mind!

Earlier in the week, I was startled awake by a dream that seemed to have a dream inserted into it. In that minor dream, I was trying to figure out how I could combine two laptops to create one operational computer. Each computer had its own problems. In the dream I pressed the ‘on’ button of the older computer, it suddenly blazed alive with the window logo.

That was startling! The older laptop was given to me back in 2012. It had died in 2016. A tragic death for a faithful companion. Whose keyboard had been mangled by little loving fingers. Of course, it did not help that I had spilled a glass of lemonade across its keys. Now its replacement was bravely approaching disability.

I wondered about that unannounced dream. I could not dismiss the dreamed resurrection of my old computer. I had already discovered for about six dollars I could replace the mangled keyboard. YouTube is a great friend. But what would cause its persistently black and broken screen to come alive with color? Maybe I should try to clean the interior, so yesterday I flipped it over to open the back cover. Once I had the memory cover off, on impulse, I decided to pop out the panels and flip them over. Just following an impulse, nothing seemed amiss, nothing needed cleaning. Without additional thought, I turned over the computer, plugged it into the electricity, and punched the ‘on’ button.

The screen immediately lit up and played the window’s activation music. I was stunned. Just stunned. As stun as any ‘time-honored’ computer newbie would be. A computer I had hollowed out, set aside, and used as a paper mat, now stood operating after nearly a three-year hiatus!

Can how it happened be explained by technology, perhaps. Perhaps the dream could be understood through psychology. But the whys cannot. We tend to dismiss things that do not fit into our neat compartments for explaining the world. When it does not fit our paradigms of reasoning and knowledge, we dismiss it as a personal problem of the individual. Because science and enlightenment have explained away the mysteries. It has explained away GOD.

We have the benefit of knowledge and awareness that our ancestors and the unenlightened did not and do not have. We know all this stuff, but we haven’t solved any of our problems. However, we have managed to advance ourselves into new problems. We walk toward a future we just know spells our doom. And so, we conclude, dead is dead, and nothing matters beyond the current ability to make ourselves happy. The assurance of what that means continues to elude us.

Into the calamity of my world. Into the insecurity of my society. The omnipresence of GOD continues to roll. Walking with me. Talking with me. In grand manners and the constant small ways that just clean done blown my mind! The bigness of the bangs in my life is breathtaking.

I don’t need to label what recently happened in my computer world as miraculous. It seems short-sighted to affix a label to what happens to me on a sometimes momentary, hourly, daily, and consistent manner. Its just JESUS.

When I cease the murmuring and moaning. When I acknowledge the ineptness of my efforts, I see clearly the faithfulness of GOD. Companion and Ruler. Friend and Savior. Truly Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End. Its just JESUS in my soul. I have touched the hem of His garment, and His blood continues to make me whole.

Ref: Oh Its Just JESUS, Andre Crouch, 1984, No Time To Lose, Light Records. Revelation 22:13 KJV Holy Bible.


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