Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Daddy was Right!

I have thought this with amazement. I have even glanced across the subject in previous writings. But the longer I live the patterns made by the circle completing can be stunning.

Many years ago, my Dad said during a Sunday School lesson, “When I pray someone always gets another chance.” That just flew right over my head.

It was not that I thought that it was untrue, but it was only legitimate in his life. He did not get to legitimize that concept in my world. It felt more like grasping at personal philosophical straws. I was glad he had discovered a way to deal. But lift your leg at me like a dog using a fire hydrant, I intended to prop that leg up with a swing of the nearest two by four or baseball bat. By the grace of the Lord, of course. Lord, give me strength to slay my enemies!

Now, I am having a steady snack as I eat those words. With Dad it was, “when I pray, I find someone gets another chance.” With me, it is answering the question of sovereign ownership. I might think you deserve that two by four and be more than willing to swing away, but I can’t do it when I contemplate what you mean to GOD. Darn-it!

You may very well deserve a debilitating swing to your leg lifting, pee splashing, doggie of a human self. But I love GOD. I need the Lord. Therefore, a clear mandate to honor the heart of my Creator, Friend, and Savior; instructs my behavior and my heart towards others.

What Daddy shared was how effectual prayer is on his life. That’s what is meant by praying for them who despitefully use you. That’s what is intended when we are told to turn the other cheek. It is a clear consideration for the heart of GOD regarding all his children.

I remind myself not to worry. I am every bit as important to GOD as you are. It may look like injustice and unfairness prevails, and perhaps you feel a sense of invincibility because of grace. But I choose to trust GOD. Not in another human, but in the heart of GOD! Only GOD can stomp the butt while loving. I have seen it. I have experienced it.

“When I pray, someone else gets another chance.” That’s just the will of GOD.


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