Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thanksgiving Day Eighteen

Just thanking GOD for the innate and transcended aspect of human nature. I thought this while staring mesmerized at a picture of an amazing view of sunlight streaming into a valley.

I thought to myself, “evolution, liealution!” Yes, that’s one of my created words. It fits!

There is deep within me the need to gaze with longing upon such beauty. I am awestruck to the point of tears to be a witness to such beauty. What am I longing for? I don’t have a fondness for mountains. I don’t want to walk through the grasses of a meadow. I am too keenly aware of all the tiny critters hiding in such beauty. Still my heart within aches and reaches.

You can’t inherit that longing from just material cells. You can’t delegate the way being in love, grabs you and slays you without hesitation. That’s not DNA functionality. DNA may explain what the physical body is doing, but it cannot explain why or the who. A Big Bang will not provide those answers. There is something within. Something that other animals can be taught to mimic but never call to prominence on their own.

The way salty tears can ease the ache of our bodies and souls. The way beautiful music can transport your natural disposition and cause you to soar, even as you sit.

We may be cellularly constructed, and viva for science for determining that is so. But if you have settled upon the science definition as the true definition of existence, then the loss in knowing all of yourself is yours to have and own. No one can be cheated by your conclusions but you.

We are made in the image of GOD. Though we forget, we are not GOD. We are not even an angel. But nothing and no one will ever be loved like we are. That goes far beyond transcended existence; that makes living, loving, and longing worth whole-hearted engagement.

We are more like GOD than we may want to own. And just between me and the doorknob, it is good, simply indescribable to be loved by the magnificence that is our Creator! Thank you, Lord!


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