Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thanksgiving Day Fifteen

Each year for at least the past three years I have been given an underlining concept to learn. In 2015 it was people may be a ‘hot’ mess, but they are GOD’s hot mess. People belong to GOD. In 2016 I was asked, “How is it that you don’t love whom I love?” I had no good response. That question was asked whenever I went to GOD about the ways that I was being treated. And the way I wanted to treat others.

Last year it was, “unforgiveness makes you too heavy to fly!” This truth I first saw in a dream one night. I could see people rising in a rapture event. I saw huge angels elevated in midair. I ran north towards the closest angel. “Take me with you,” I yelled at him. “Please take me too!” The angel looked down and slowly shook his head back and forth. “You can’t go!” he said. You’re too heavy to fly. Unforgiveness makes you too heavy to be raptured.

I was horrified that I had lived a life dedicated to GOD and still missed the rapture. I ran to keep abreast of the Angel. “I’ll forgive I pleaded, I’ll forgive!” I awoke crying deep and painful tears. Thus, began the journey towards sustainable forgiveness.

This year has been a lesson on relationships. “Relationships take work,” the Lord said to me. That felt like a challenge to engage the previous lessons. This year I have a sense of family about most people I meet. The first in their favor is that GOD loves them.

The second is that they belong to GOD. Not turning people over to the Lord is a sure fire of showing a disrespect to the ownership of GOD.

To be free to love, you must be willing to let the mind be in you that is in CHRIST JESUS. Let, let, let! Thank GOD He asks that I do it, then He provides the ability to do so! GOD is sooooo cooool!


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