Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thanksgiving Day Eleven

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I pondered this day very early this morning. By tradition, it is a day to honor those who gave on the battlefield for our country. But it occurred to me that the single designation of ‘Veterans Day’ may be a slight mislabeling.

When I query the definition of veteran, I am told it refers to a person who has long years of experience in a particular field. It also says this is a person who has served in the military. Those definitions affirm my thoughts all day today. So, wouldn’t it be better to call it Veterans of Veterans Day?

To those of us who have served faithfully in the role, jobs, and responsibilities that face us each day. To the young person who manages to take substandard living, educating, and loving, and still shares, play, teach, love and live with all their being: thank you all. Our world continues to spin despite its ugly, hurtful, and despairing moments because we all keep pressing forward. You might not want me to say the obvious, but this is perhaps one of the greatest evidence of GOD’s presence.

But to our Veterans of Veterans please receive my humble admiration and appreciation for all you have done and continue to do!

To me the daily living Veterans are amazing! But the Veteran of Veterans is supernaturally amazing. To go through the horror of a battlefield, most of the time because we choose too, is mind tossing amazing. But to return to the grind of the daily warfare we all encounter, after having been to war; is breath-taking in its amazement!

We accomplish this daily task and survive all the disappointments we encounter. The heartaches we all share. Do we forget to be filled with thanksgiving for the ability to still love and laugh? I pray not.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Eleven everyone and Thank you GOD we remain grateful!!!!!!!


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