Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thanksgiving Day Eight

I thank GOD for reaching me early and never letting me go. If I talk with my Dad long enough about my memories he usually remembers being called to the Elementary School with my Mom. I was in trouble, again!

Let me hasten to add, my parents never came because I was messing with drugs, boys and the such. All though there was that time in fourth grade when I was stealing the candy and fake wax fingernail tips from the desk I shared with another student. Oh yeah, when I first entered Junior High in Missouri, I discovered the teachers did not keep their supply closet locked. So, I helped myself to as much ruler paper as I could. But you can overlook that for now. What I usually got into trouble for was avenging perceived wrongs.

Daddy often tells of having to report to my school because I had decided a little boy needed correcting. I didn’t just correct him, I pulled down his pants and whipped his naked bottom. I have no memory of this. But it sure sounds like me. Don’t raise my dander up ‘cause’ mama didn’t play those games. I would either beat you up or beat up the people tormenting you. That forgetting is also vintage Connie.

I got in trouble at home one Saturday morning for striking my Dad. The only thing I can remember is thinking to myself, someone should make him stop fiddling with the television focus. Dude was always adjusting the picture or the color or something. Which was okay, but he would do so in the middle of the cartoon show! I do remember sort of fantasizing hitting him in the head. I don’t remember anything else, except the spanking.

Apparently, while my Dad knelt in front of the tv screen I came from behind, grabbed a hairbrush and whacked him across his bald head. That was the style back then, low buzz cuts. See what I mean, Connie the avenger!

I believe I found GOD at such an early age because GOD needed to get hold of me before life took me onto crazy street. I would have lived there in happy delusion until somebody got mad enough to kill me. Or I killed them.

I am eternally grateful for love that has traveled with me. Carried me more times than I can count. Love that surrounds me and encloses me even now, in steadfast and reliable surety. I may not always be certain for I am a member of a fallen creation. But I do know how GOD feels about me. It is true, I got JESUS and that’s enough! (From Gene Mason of the A.A. Allen Ministry 1960)


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