Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thanksgiving Day Six

All morning I have heard the voice of my grandfather playing on a loop in my mind. Some of the most poignant nuggets of wisdom I received were from my grandfather.

He was basically a quiet but tall and looming figure in my world. Always there, never imposing but always there. The nugget that resonates with me today is his advice regarding my navigation of the hormonal teen years.

The year I turned eleven on a quiet sunny afternoon he told me, “I was entering a phrase of life called fool’s valley.” My alarm most have flashed across my face because he added; don’t worry you will come out okay. But he told me, I would not be able to stop the moment. He went on to say, “sometimes you won’t like yourself because even you will recognize how ridiculous you are being. Just remember, it will not last, don’t despair.”

That wasn’t consolation enough for me, so I pressed him for more information. “When will I come out?” I asked. My grandpa dryly replied, “most females come out in their early to mid-twenties.” “Could be worst,” he continued. “Most males won’t emerge until their mid to late thirties!”

Even now that gives me ‘horse snorts’ of laughter. I thank GOD for men who loved me enough to tell the truth, for the whole truth so helped me GOD!


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