Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thanksgiving Day Five

I have female friends and family who have ordination from established authorities, but many times they feel slighted by what feels like a double standard. I always point out that if the approval for ministry comes from GOD, if affirmation comes from GOD, then you often avoid the manipulation of your message. It’s on GOD to broadcast to all that need to hear.

My paternal grandmother Perlina was the leader/pastor of her congregation. Nothing happened in that fellowship that did so without my grandmother’s approval. Despite the numerous males who always took a seat in the pulpit, my grandmother never spoke from the pulpit. She never sought affirmation or ordination for her gift of ministry.

I learned from her example that when GOD has something He wants you to do, He will provide the avenue. Sometimes I think the real problem lies in a desire to be acknowledged. I don’t believe GOD has any sexist tendency, but I also do not believe that lack of ordination or titles is significant enough to block the progress of GOD.

My maternal Aunt Lonnie Ann was a powerful minister of the Word. Despite being required to take her text from the floor of the sanctuary instead of the pulpit area, I have not heard many males who could ‘out preach’ my Aunt. One of my favorite memories was a message my Aunt preached. “Oh Man of GOD, There’s Death in the Pot!” By the end of that message every pulpit seated dignitary. Every associate minister, the entire congregation stood on their feet in amazement. She preached like fire burned in her bones.

I opt for humbleness in a patriarch society, but I pity the person or organization that gets in GOD’s way. I am a living witness, when man says no, GOD usually kicks the door off the hinges. I am filled with thanksgiving to know, love and serve the originator of all equal rights.


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