Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Thanksgiving Day Four

You can read GOD’s word which reminds us all of the sanctity of the child’s place in His heart. You can read about their angels. Matthew 18:6 & 10 KJV. But until you have experienced for yourself. Until you have been attentive to its working in a child’s life, you may not grasp the full implications.

We treat children like they are property rights. But children first and foremost belong to GOD. Touch not, handle not, nor plagiarize what belongs to GOD. Or better said. If you dare, expect that treatment in-kind.

One of my kids ran to me on a storming afternoon. He and I were the only ones in my home and fear cloaked his little shoulders like an invisible heavy cape.

Outside the wind blew fiercely and seem to be intent on uprooting even the large trees outside. Fear gripped him so terribly he could not be left alone.

I was concerned and begin to cast about in my mind, the wisdom of going to my basement. Instead, I set down with him and begin to tell him about the unwavering presence of GOD, then we prayed for protection.

Inside I whispered fervently, “Lord, please show yourself to this baby. Please don’t allow my words to fall unheeded.” As we prayed together, he offered his simple prayer with mine and then returned to his play.

Maybe ten minutes later I recalled how frightened he had been, so, I rush down the hallway returning to the playroom. He was too quiet! When I stepped into the room he sat quietly playing. Then looking out the two large windows in the room I froze in amazement. Although one window faced the east and the other one faced the south. A large crabapple tree in the east window and four smaller trees forming a tree fence in the south. Not one leaf on any of the trees was moving.

Perhaps the storm had passed. So, I ducked back into the hallway and investigated the view in my bedroom. One large window facing south, the other large window facing west. To the west, I had a view of my backyard as well as the neighbors. Trees bending in the force of the wind like hula-dancers. Still unconvinced I looked out the kitchen and living room windows. The wind howling with fierce and frightening strength.

I returned to the playroom to the quiet of its stillness. “Look,” I said to my little guy. “GOD heard your prayer!” He looked up me and replied, “oh yeah,” and returned to his play.

The faithfulness of GOD. In the big things and the little big things. Why wouldn’t I praise Him!


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