Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

What if I Just Don’t Want to Choose GOD?

What if I don’t accept His gift, not because I don’t recognize Him as God or I want to rebel against him by sinning purposefully but I simply don’t want to live or exist after my earthly life and also don’t want to go to Hell?

Maybe it clarifies the question if you considered that free will applies to our personal choices, not GOD’s. My free will only involve decisions that affect me. GOD was GOD before you and I. GOD remains GOD throughout all time.

We were given a world that we immediately began to destroy. The sacrifice given by CHRIST established an escape hatch from our fallen world. It is our choice to accept the way out of our mutually assured destruction. But don’t you think it is unfair to try and renegotiate the escape route, because we decide it is GOD’s burden to give us multi choices until we find the one we would be happy with? We are admittedly, responsible for the fallen condition of our world, but we don’t want the responsibility for the fall?

If you were rescuing a drowning person, would you pause and allow them to dictate how they should be rescued? If you stood at the edge of a skyscraper and decided to jump, wouldn’t you expect the laws of gravity to come immediately into play?

Our free will does not suspend any laws of consequence. If that seems too limited, perhaps the true consideration should be the rescue, not what comes next. Just rescue me! I will then have the privilege of enjoying what comes next. If I choose not to be rescued, then my rejection gives consent to the consequences I have chosen not to avoid.
C. Rhodes, RZIM Connect


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