Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

For Goodness Sake! It’s the 21st Century!

Anyone ever say that to you? Or said that to you about someone else? It is a way of shaming people into silence. At least that’s the intention. Usually, it is said with a facial expression and tonality of incredulousness. Lordy child! How could you think so backwardly?

When I consider the history of our planet, nothing in depth, just a casual look at key events; atrocities have always arrived with the pervasive mindset of that day and time.

We have always believed if the idea is in a majority, it must be right! We become emboldened to insist that everyone adheres to those conclusions. And when they don’t, we insist upon the right to force our opinions upon them.

No one has been exempted. Whether from the hallowed halls of religiosity, or the sacred logic of scientific exploration. From cradle to the grave, from home to work; we are busy about the business of choosing truth for one another. It ends in disaster because we choose to be gods.

We live in constant transgression of the directive concerning free will, and never seem to learn. Having a majority does not denote correctness, advancement, or righteousness. Neither does being in a minority.

I know its difficult to accept. But nothing we do, nothing we think, nothing we discover will ever escape the limitations imposed when we insist on being gods. We were not built, nor created to live separate from our origin. And these days, we no longer seem to know what that was.

Try this analogy. We are wondrously made, beautiful and glorious bit-pieces in a grand puzzle. But we are only the bit-pieces. There is a main piece of the puzzle that unites the bit-pieces. It does not matter if there are more blue pieces interlocked in the corner and fewer red pieces united elsewhere. If we are not connected to the main piece, we will never be able to complete the puzzle.

Creator GOD. The only one who loves, rules, and stands alone in omnipotence, yet preserves the free will directive. GOD! The main missing piece from the puzzle of our lives and world. Everything else is just rinse and repeat.

You say you don’t believe it, well. Child get with it; it’s the 21st century!


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