Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Respectful Protection

The house dark in the contrast of daylight. Voices muted in the cautionary hope that you would not be heard. We were taught a respect for the power of a raging storm. Even during those confusing rainstorms in which rain fell out the sky even as the sun shined brightly. “My Grandmother’s weather report would declare; “the devil is beating his wife again.”

Over time I learned to sit quietly and respectfully and wait out the storm. Dreadful things could surely come from failing to acknowledge the power that so obviously engulfed my own. So, storms hold a mystical and fascinating aura for me.

Today I awoke to the thick darkness of a violent rainstorm. This storm was resplendent with rolling volumes of thunder and blowing wind. I thought I might dash out to the sun porch and grab a crate of bottled water. But, in the safety of the glassed enclosure, I sat down in transfixed amazement. And then like a screaming yell from the Heaven.

“Crack!” Right there, right next to my enclosed perch. Lightning flashed almost touching the ground! Accompanied by a deep guttural roll of thunder So loud and deafening. So powerful the earth shook.

Though I could not observe myself, I knew there was nothing graceful in the animated stooped semi-crawling creature I became as I backed quickly into my house, dragging the crate of water behind me.

Yes, yes, I know. Wonderful scientific knowledge can give an explanation about what just happened. We are so lucky to possess such advanced reasoning. But even Science cannot accurately give the answers to Why! Why then? Why only there? Why does it feel like it was just for me? Science our best guess about everything. Until we guess better than our last guess.

Meanwhile, I’m going to sit quietly in the relative ignorance of my grandmothers. I choose to sit in quiet contemplation of the amazing strength that surrounds me in the storm. Does that make me antiquated, perhaps? Or maybe it is just wisdom to seek protection during a scientifically explained phenomenon. Apparently, the explanation does not equal control.

Give me a call when the next best guess has been announced. Pardon me, the next best Science. I’ll be respectfully waiting in the cocoon of available safety, waiting on the storm to pass.


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