Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

In the ‘Still’ of the Night

A quavering youthful voice ripped apart the cloud of my sleep. I had fallen asleep never positioning my chair into a reclining position. I recalled I had waited to push into a reclined position because of the little bodies that pressed close at my feet.

I knew if I reclined, at least three growing bodies would pile onto my lap. Finding hidden foot caverns that would allow them to wiggle entire bodies into places of comfort, Pushing and folding me into vise-like positions. My own hanging and helpless limbs draped and pushed over the chair’s boundaries. Little arms and legs with elongating muscles, sharp and skinny with youth. Pressing me into the comfortable chair with bone protruding sharpness.

But now, sleep fled from me. One of my babies was in distressed. “I can’t sleep,” he informed me. “And I am afraid!”

That’s kid code for everyone has fallen asleep and left me awake. And no, the sound of a ‘tablet’ playing within the folds of my sleeping bag is not keeping me awake.

I admit, the idea of falling asleep before one of my kids, is humbling for me. I love the notion that I am a guardian of the house. Keeper of sweet dreams and the night watchman on-call. Weariness had taken the post.

I knew he needed the assurance of my person. I begin to pray for each member of his family. Which since 2013 with the loss of a beloved grandpa, had faced struggles through a variety of human difficulties. Taking one day and victory at a time.

I needed to restore the sense of peace and balance to my home. My baby needed to sleep. Then I remembered an album recorded by Bishop Charles Martin Jr. I recalled how often when my environment needed calm and the peace that would allow freedom of communicating with Friend, Savior, and GOD; I would play his recording. So, that’s what I did.

About 10 minutes later, my baby announced he was going to sleep. And as I worshiped I recalled those who needed my support in prayer. Friends, family, and enemies.

In my heart among my tears, I repented for thinking I knew what was needed. I knew why people were as they are. I repented for being satisfied and smug at the discomfort of another.

Part of loving the creation of GOD is never assuming you know what is needed. Never assuming your comfort means more to the Lord than any other human. Never short-changing others in your desire to be comforted yourself.

Put on the quiet strength of Praise and love someone like GOD loves.


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