Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

GOD the Complete Package

I have heard, it is concluded by many, that the Bible is questionable; because of the differing pictures illustrating the nature of GOD. And, I guess it seems logical to conclude that the GOD portrayed in the Old Testament is not the same Entity portrayed in the New Testament.

The Old Testament GOD is unrelenting in his requirements for holy living. The Old Testament GOD required absolute submission, even to the destruction of entire people from the conquest of war. GOD’s judgment was swift and devastating to all who disobeyed.

The New Testament GOD is a virtual and divine “Mr. Rogers in the neighborhood. “Would you be his? Could you be his? Won’t you be his neighbor?”

From the limitations of our own counsel we only relate to our comfort. GOD is ultimately just one of us, right? Our consensus, our approval, our belief is the only thing that validates GOD.

We miss the point of love.

GOD is GOD! But, I can’t see where the conflict should arise! The righteousness of GOD is pervasive it could be none else. The love of GOD is long-suffering, agape. It could be nothing else. They both operate succinctly.

It is GOD’s planet. It is GOD’s house. GOD’s kitchen. The stove we cook on, the fuel we cook with, the recipe of ingredients in the bowl we are mixing; are all GOD’s.

The Bible is descriptive of only some of the attributes of GOD; our linear vision will only allow us snapshots. The trick is to remember, if we could define GOD, he would not be GOD. If we could create the image, flip the statue over to view the ‘made in China’ label what would be the point? There is no ‘big bang’ to the concept of GOD. There is not even a beginning to the Alpha and Omega of GOD.

The only thing called into question, is our existence. As it turns out, we are the pointless ones. We are the universal collage of contradictions. The heaving spawning plague upon any surface we grace. Yet, GOD loves us. We represent one of the true mysteries of GOD’s nature.

GOD reset the entire planet to move us beyond the failure of our flesh, towards a matured use of our free will. It did not take. We are nothing if not arrogant in our redundancy. The Bible illuminates GOD’s last reach for us. He made himself a body, sent his only begotten son to die for us, and then raised him in hope.

Free-will allows us to choose or reject the redemption offered. But in time the attributes we believe only live in the Old Testament will naturally activate. Judgment is as real as Heaven is desired.

There will be no more babe in a manger surrounded by wise men. No hiding in a Moses shaped rocky nook as GOD passes, or a washing of the planet, not again. Our next evolutionary step will be to destruction. What is old will become new again. Will you be ready? Will you honor the sacrifice of love, whether you can define it or not?


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