Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Nada Conflicting

I am learning to speak and read Spanish, so you probably can count on seeing translated words in my future writing. Nada equals Nothing.

I thought this when I was considering the presentations of Creation and Evolution. Honestly, I don’t understand the conflict.

It seems very probable to me; when GOD spoke the Universe into existence it may have included a big bang. I see no conflict in a bang being part of the spoken Word.

We walk into conflict when we decide that our theory concerning what happened in the beginning, is all that happened. And so, we spend extraordinary amounts of time and monies insisting that nothing produced something. And, when we are finished, something will produce nothing again.

It is perfect and symbolic evidence of petulant children. Many of us will never mature beyond the rationale that insists on having its own way. The occasion of death may not end things, but it does prevent us from returning and owning our foolishness of the past. Our world is condemned to the shock waves of a 2016 U.S.A. Presidential Election. Where even the winner was left sputtering!

In our childishness, we believe that we somehow shut the voice of Truth. Despite a shared history that proves over, and over again; even when Truth is not given a mainstream audience, it never goes away. It never shuts its mouth. It lies publicly silenced but remains a nagging, persistent presence in our collective madness. Whispering in the quiet of the silence, churning in the belly of the soul.

Our world’s history testifies to the resilience of righteousness. To a return to GOD. In our last World War, the GOD given right of humanity was persistent although over six million of us were gassed in ovens. And though more humans have been murdered in the 20th century than in all the combined warfare before; GOD’s word prevails.*

Make no mistake, that is not indomitable human spirit on display; that is the inevitable righting of the balances built into the construct of all creation. It will always be that way until Christ returns.

What should we do then; stop existing because we get it so pitifully wrong when left to our own reasoning? I say keep living, keep reaching just accept that often, we will get it wrong. That’s a part of human nature.

It is when we become petulant in conclusions, willing to believe a lie before we will acknowledge the Truth. Busy about the business of orchestrating lies and apply new definitions to Truth. When we insist on being the catalyst to right and wrong, that’s when our world is shoved into an old familiar downward spin. Old becomes new, again.

Our children need a break. Our world needs a break. You and I, oh GOD do we need a break!

Let’s agree together. We are created. We belong to the Creator! And that’s not a terrible thing. According to the Angels, that is a huge, huge plus in our favor!

*(Ravi Zacharias, Why are you so afraid of Subjective Morality? Youtube.)


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