Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

The Pigeon-Holed Effect

I am thinking that much of what we assign value too, often misses the point. Or rather makes us less proficient and more dependent upon the signs in which we entrust our sense of validation. Point in fact! Have you noticed how great an audience is collected when a speaker, minister, or diplomate has a Ph.D., MD, or Masters of this and such hanging onto their names? We tend to be very impressed with what we decide is impressive.

I love the notion of Education. Always have. I can get an emotional high just anticipating learning. But, Education as an accepted indication of proficiency or expertise; for me, is a problematic concept. Just as sincerity does not guarantee righteousness, neither does a degree, title or even experience guarantee solutions. You don’t believe that is true? Just say slowly with me; “Malpractice Insurance!”

Our value systems do not separate us from the limitations of being human.

Our systems of expertise represent the amount of time we have dedicated to the regurgitation of old experiences albeit, applied in new ways. What passes for expertise is nothing short of “pigeon-holing. Much of our living is really the best guess for the greatest number of people. Say it with me again. “Malpractice Insurance!”

Placing extraordinary confidence in your medical professional. Placing extraordinary hope in your social and political leaders. Believing everything your Educator tells you or loving your mate because of the confidence you place in them; defines the heights of our joy and distorts the parameters of our disappointments.

Some things were never meant to be. We were never meant to be our own religion. We were never meant to be the evidence of hope.

I remember some years back while teaching my first “Learning to Read” kindergarten class; one of my parents asked that I meet with a Therapist assigned to diagnosis and provide learning solutions for one of my students. I sat attentively receiving all the learned conclusions from the Therapist concerning my student. I was determined to remain open and pliable. At some point in the conversation, my parent set with tear-filled eyes at the dire pronunciations of the Therapist. I said nothing.

After the Therapist left, my parent wanted to know what I thought. Hesitantly I begin to respond. In my closing I said; “honestly, all I could think was, I’m not sure whom the Therapist was referring too! Nothing she said referenced what I knew about this baby. Her conclusions may be valid, but they did not address what I knew about my student.” To my surprise my parent said; “I was thinking the same thing!”

I don’t know if the parent followed the recommendations of the therapist. I am not sure how my student fared in life. Some years back I tried to reconnect, but nothing.

I still believe what I said to that parent years ago. While it is true my student learned differently than others, that was a place for my growth and learning. It is my job as the teacher to discover and expand the way my students learn. I am at fault if I can only teach if the child learns in a common manner.

Great teaching means meeting the need, not becoming the need to be met. Great teaching relies upon the arm of GOD, to ensure successful and individualize learning. Great teaching involves the ability to focus in from the group experience and reach the individual. Just like GOD does with each of us. You can not get that from any higher, lower, or middle academia environment. Some things were only meant to come from a relationship with GOD!

That is why I don’t believe science, history, or any of our disciplines disprove the existence of GOD. Or our need for Him.

To live in the declaration of our own expertise is to settle for an existence of limitations, and, expectations that are routinely preempted. Through all our learning, we remain human. It is why my Physician can only partner with me in my health care. It is why sometimes I will not call the Police for protection. It is why I do not find Titles impressive unless I am “oohing and ahhhing” with you.

When all has been said, I know; we all need GOD.

I do not live in fear of our collective limitations, I have readily available insight into the answers. We are partners in this life, even if it means I must stand in the place of prayer for you and for myself. I am my brother’s keeper, but I won’t accept second best guessing from any fellow traveler. I won’t be pigeon-holed.


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