Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Living Testament

I was listening to a talk on, ‘whether the Bible can be trusted,’ the primary speaker was Apologist Amy Orr Ewing. It was when she began to speak about some of the arguments offered to negate the legitimacy of the Bible that I begin to reminisce.

One excuse she said people proffered was the question of miracles. She spoke on why many people can not phantom the presence of the supernatural in a natural world. But to that question, I can be a witness.

I grew up in church. When I knew myself, I was either in church or preparing for church. When I was little, we attended service seven mornings a week. Six nights a week, Saturday nights reserved for Teacher’s meeting. And nearly all day on first Sundays. My impressions of church life were ones of community and family. My best friend and worst enemy lived in that space with me.

But, I discovered a true relationship with GOD was not one of tradition, inherited from my parents or the members of my church family. The day came when I had to know GOD for myself. There is a true sense of assurance when you live with the confidence that GOD walks with you, talks with you. And, most times carries you.

One such time was on October 29th, 2013. I was rushed to the hospital after spending much of the day too dizzy to see with both eyes opened. The diagnosis was a stroke, that no one could say when it had taken place or why.

In January I was summoned to a meeting with two prominent surgeons. The Surgeons told me that I had a persistent heart valve leakage. My heart valves would open to allow blood flow but were not completely closing, thereby, creating a backwash of blood. It was imperative that I present myself for open heart surgery.

All the while they were talking I was talking with GOD. At the end of their dire predictions and exclamations, they seem to wait on what they apparently had witnessed before. But there was no fear, no tears, no anxiety: GOD had removed those emotions. I simply said, “Well, if I must go through heart surgery, I know it will be okay.”

What I said to the Lord was; “You’re GOD. I will trust you. If you are allowing me to state my preferences, I do not want to be cut.” Again, I said just to hear the assurance for myself. “You are the Creator of the Universe, this is nothing for you. If you allow it, I am sure it will be okay. But I am asking that this condition be removed from me and the surgery be deemed unnecessary.

Several days later I would return to the hospital to submit to an MRI or CSI? 😊 Some type of scan which required me to fast then be injected with dye so the heart and its valves could be clearly observed. Then the wait for test results began.

Approximately three weeks later I moved into a resident Inn. The insurance carrier was responsible for housing me since my home had suffered a water main break while I was away.

I had no job, no residual income, I had no money for food. As nice as the Inn was, I knew I could not ‘fast’ for the bulk of my meals. But, that’s another story.

It was during a meeting in which GOD was resolving the issue of money for groceries, I received a telephone call. I apologized and asked to be excused while I answered the call. It was the Surgeon’s nurse.

Ms. Rhodes, she twanged, “this is Doctor So and So’s nurse.” After studying your scans, the Surgeons have decided that you will not need surgery. We will watch you for the next six months to make sure your condition has not changed. But, at this time surgery is not warranted.” I thanked her profusely and ended the call.

I was brought up in the Pentecostal church. So, some of you know what I mean when I say; through the tears rolling unbidden down my cheeks, I struggled and fought the urge to jump over desk and chairs. Head slung back, yelling at the top of my lungs. Instead, I held my composure and just rocked with joy and thanksgiving. My heart sang over and over, “Look at GOD!” “Look at GOD!”

You may not believe the validity of the Bible, but it remains a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway. The miraculous is not a sometime orchestration, it is in the everyday walk with GOD. The supernatural is happening all the time. I am thankful to live with the wonder of it all.


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