Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Out-Distancing the Panic

Looking around our world today, listening to all the clamoring voices; sometimes gives rise to a cloying, choking, hopelessness in my throat. I begin to despair for the children.

I can’t see the positive. They might adjust and possibly survive. But will they know how much adults have stolen from their future? In our selfish voyage into all kinds of isms in the pursuit of our own feelings and comfort, will they know?

My cousin Diane said she heard a speaker say, “if you stay in a place long enough, it becomes home!” I think to myself, this is the very type of existence that allowed past atrocities in human history. We like to believe that the Nazis were madmen. But in truth, they were just people in Germany. People who became so comfortable with a lie, it became their truth. It allowed them to do unthinkable things. But the Nazis have nothing on the self-centeredness of the 21st century.

Death is death, whether it takes place in a concentration camp, or in smoke-filled rooms illuminated by the consumption of an herb, white powders, drink or pills. In a cannabis retail store, in the arms of illicit and faithless lovers, or Supreme Court Chambers. On the bloody battlefields of an oil market-share war, or the hideaway of the ignoble suicide murderer.

In a Taiwan snake alley where little girls are prostituted as early as 18 months, or the pulpit of the progressive and liberal church. In peer-driven halls of higher academia. In the mind-numbing conclusions that there is no GOD, or we are gods ourselves. In the brainwashing “welcoming school” agenda for lower education. Or the anesthetic scented stirrup tables in an abortion clinic. Just to name a few.

Death is still death. Our sins have become our norm.

I was reminded today of a dream I had in January of 2016. As I watched this day roll through, it felt as if I was in that dream once again.

HELP!!!I am putting this out in hopes someone can help me understand it.

Dream: At first it was not noticeable or seemed to only affect a small space. I noticed it first when dropping someone off for school. I realized that the walls I could see, interior walls of the school were oozing streams of human feces.

Of course, everyone from either entrance of the school was madly scrambling about in an attempt to keep their feet free of the corruption. But to no avail. Soon everywhere I looked, everywhere anyone looked, stood or ran this corruption was spewing out running from positions high above our heads.

Everywhere I looked. Everywhere I ran people were drafted into service, to wash away this filth. We were given huge waist high vats of hot water and where you walked or observed the corruption, everyone was tasked with washing away the filth.

From officials to neighborhoods everyone was rinsing away the oozing filth. I ran near and far, trying to escape this filth looking for an area uncontaminated. There was no place found.
But the battle was joined, everyone engaged, and the battle was being won.

I never heard how or why this was happening, although everyone was insisting upon an answer. It was a manifestation no one seemed to know the why. Just how to wash it away.

(Post note: I was never so glad to be awakened from a dream in my life. And yes, I did brush my teeth before I went to sleep last night. Any insight, anyone can offer, will be appreciated. Feel free to email me. Thanks!)”

Today, I see this dream in fleshy reality. I could easily despair except for the challenge GOD speaks to my heart. “Can you love like I do?” What indeed happens to my panic, when I view the world from GOD’s perspective?

You may be one of those who challenge the existence of GOD. Because, how could a loving GOD allow such things to happen? The short answer is; GOD gives mercy and grace. Mercy and grace allow you and I to continue although we deserve death. GOD doesn’t have a problem, we do. Our sins have become our norms!

“Well, GOD is supposed to be Master and Creator of all. Why doesn’t He just stop the evil?” And I agree GOD can block all that stuff. But what we are saying is, free will should not be allowed. We reason, GOD knows we are prone to failure, if GOD truly loves, He is obligated to medicate the horrors we bring upon the earth. Horrors we wage against one another. But, without free will, there is no possibility for love and no need for mediation. No need for the cross, because we would be incapable of sin or error; the option would not exist. No opportunity to hate nor to love. And, we would still have to do things GOD’s way!

Our conclusions are a proud declaration from a species that will not consider the gift of redemption. We reject redemption because we see it as an incursion upon our right to decide for ourselves. It is GOD’s duty because of Love to make sure our selfish stupidity always has an outcome that does not discomfort us. GOD’s Love makes him the divine cleaning lady to our twisted garbage strewed drunken walk upon the earth.

I like the allegory Ravi Zacharias gives. When people suffer and die because of natural disasters or wars, we say there is no GOD if He allows the innocent to suffer. Yet we rally around the right to choose abortion because we consider abortion to be a moral right of the woman. By our logic, GOD is not just. GOD is not to be followed. But, when we kill a life its okay, it is a moral right.

Is GOD overwhelmed by what we are doing? Overwhelmed by the many ways we destroy the innocent, the many ways we destroy ourselves?

That’s the true mystery of GOD’s love, it continues to defy all reasoning. He yet loves us and desires that we make our home in Him. Desires that we make our place of comfort within the shelter of His mighty hand.

You know what, that kind of Love is priceless. The value of that type of fellowship cannot be measured. By now, we should know, it is cheaper than the price we are paying to reject Him.

This world still holds beauty and promise. The future of our children is yet salvageable. Get out the waist-high vats of hot water and let’s get cleaning.


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