Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

A Promisory Note to the Young and Young at Heart

Celibacy is a choice. You either believe the value of it or decide to disregard its reported value. If you disregard it, you must lie to yourself. Because, unless you choose it, live it, and then look back at its impact; you can’t attest to its value.

That makes celibacy not just a choice, but an act of faith. Possibly among the first steps, a child will take in building a relationship with GOD.

Unlike lasciviousness, of which an on-going involvement can guarantee you condemnation unto death; celibacy will not guarantee you, Heaven. Like all sexual identification, celibacy is trimming to living not the main course.

Abstinence is not the headliner, it can only set the stage for the main event. But without it, you will jump past the hope and anticipation for which you purchased the ticket; jumping to the place where you are just part of the meandering crowd, as they slowly exit the event venue. Sex out of context. Sex removed from GOD’s outline for its access and use is the same as buying a ticket to a great concert, that you miss; because boo runs confined you to the toilet the entire concert.

Let’s say you manage to get back to your seat before the concerts end. You improvise a plug to stop the flow, bringing legitimacy to your attendance at the concert. You still will not get back the part of the concert you did miss! Sexual impropriety is a sure way to rob and cheat yourself. It will take special consideration from the concert promoter to hit that replay button. Jesus, the grand concert promoter, manager, creative source, and musician.

Each new generation gets to choose. They can follow the failures of those that came before them. Or wisely bypass those pitfalls. Somebody, somewhere in some time should accomplish a ‘sidestep’ of the errors that plague the lives of those they love, watch, and mimic. Mercy is there for us all, thank GOD! But can you imagine how much further you would reach? How great the ease with which you would travel, if you trusted GOD?

It is wisdom to look back with thanksgiving for the bridges that have brought you over the tumultuous waters that flow through life. Never mind that the bridge may have been pot-marked with holes, crumbling sides, and other decay. Lesson number one, we are all human, stupid is a part of our makeup.

Don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. The point is to cross over and travel on. Use the bridge you have; but remember, to be safe you want your human bridges to be stabilized by the bridge fixer. The pothole filler, structure rebuilder. You need Jesus! You want Jesus! It is the one legacy that belongs to us all; and the only way to be sure you enjoy the entire concert of life.


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