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Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking. One of the great ‘flavors of the month’ in the 21st century. The problem with being told you should think this way, or you don’t think this way; is how this teaching cancels its own self. When we are told we should think critically, it usually means “think like the speaker is thinking!”

Once critical thinking is identified for you, the aspiration to think critically becomes a journey to find the answers that resemble the teacher’s concept of critical thinking.

I discovered this to be true while enrolled in a ‘declared’ global university. They taught a unit on what it meant to be a critical thinker. Reject all previous conclusions, they said. Open yourself to conclusions and lifestyles of others. Turn off the tv and computer and go for a walk in your neighborhood. Go online read, watch and observe what other cultures and people have to say. Don’t be afraid. If you don’t do these things you are closed minded and doomed in the new climate of global consciousness. (????)

I thought; “what a load!”

We are born critical thinkers! It does not matter who teaches otherwise! Questions are the hallmark of the human experience. We are always questioning, picking, and choosing. Even when we settle upon information, we continue to question. We can’t help ourselves, it is a by-product of possessing “free will.”

We should be very wary of other humans who say; “learn to be a critical thinker,” then they tell us what that looks like! When you buy into this declaration, you are being lazy. When you are lazy you are subject to someone else’s conclusion. Why do you think the Bible admonishes that we study to show ourselves approved, a workman that need not be ashamed; rightly dividing the word of truth? Preaching is meant to introduce Jesus. (2 Timothy 2:15)

In this century there are many reasons why we are mentally lazy. Many reasons why we take our truths from the Media business or the business of Hollywood, Liberals, Conservatives, Moderates, Sesame Street or the Electric Companyeeey!

But, true truth, unmediated truth will always rise to the surface. The default position of all humans is to reason why. It is how we were created. Whether you believe that was done in seven days, or 7,000 years; is beside the point.

We were created we are our own evidence. I am happy to know that the Creator is not human like me, nor subjected to the continuum of the natural universe or the knowledge of other humans. I’m thinking critically in life but living with confidence because I am beloved by the Creator.

This call for ‘critical thinking’ as if it is a new process to the planet; just emphasizes the need for a personal relationship with GOD. True truth rest in the relationship with the Creator who gains or loses nothing from our questions.


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