Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Christmas in March

I just napped my way through the movie, Christmas Angel, and I did not know I was asleep! Oh well. I rise to go out to the sun porch and lock up for the night. Inside long shadows already cover everything. Though it is six in the evening; a glance out reveals lingering daylight.

Swinging wide the door, I’ve decided I might as well retrieve the package I left in my car earlier. But outside, a quiet fury of snow twists in the wind. All thoughts of venturing out vanish. That one-dollar pack of snickerdoodles will have to wait!

Fat, beautiful flakes fly in from the North. Falling soundlessly in a thick curtain. I think to myself, still half asleep; look, it’s snowing just in time for Christmas!

For a few moments, I feel the intense joyful delight, that comes in the December countdown to the 25th. I am thrilled about the invisible presents under the invisible tree. And I breathe deeply of the pine-scented warmth being thrust into the room; from the fireplace, I don’t have. In the small town, there are no external sounds. We are enclosed in a breath-taking and silent storm. Not even a dog barking.

Then I remember its March!

Still, it is a mesmerizing startling sight. Just hours ago, I was out running errands and shopping, in a sweater! Overwhelmed by the sight before me, I rush back, grab my phone for pictures and take a seat on the sun porch.

I stayed out there long enough to give my neighbor, watching from her sun porch, ample information for the local gossip chain. Then I head back inside.

These are monumental moments, I enjoy immensely. It is evidence of the wonder of this world. I am thankful to be here. And, I am grateful for cinematography naps. I think tomorrow I will fall asleep watching, “It’s a Wonderful Life!” I love it when my house has the Christmas motif!


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