Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.


It doesn’t appear it occurs to us that all human information, all human knowledge, whether derived via divine intervention, or scholastic studies; is flawed once it is transmitted to the finite nature of the human body. Our natural abilities are limited therefore our awareness and ability to understand is cycled through that limitation.

I should not discount all the information given to me, but I need to always understand; awareness and knowledge is sieved through the handicap of human limitations. We all see through a glass darkly. We all need the mind of Christ.

The only certainty that exists in this world is the Creator. Choosing to believe that we evolved by way of a ‘poof’ may allow us to sleep in our human vanity. But we do ourselves harm and usher in additional limits; when a finite existence becomes the absolute truth, we embrace.

We could inhabit this planet for a millennium of millenniums and still, never stop learning. We are always coming into some knowledge, of some new flavor of the month and mind. Time is the proving of the latest, greatest thing we believe is the true truth. Our newest invention or belief is the flavor of our years.

Acknowledging the Lordship of our Creator, while loving and respecting all the gifts the Creator has given us; we still exist at the bottom rung of truth and knowing. To know absolutely is reserved for the next reality.

To live successfully in the present world is not connected to physical riches but in the richness of faith. We will believe even if our faith resides in our choice to not believe. We get to choose what that means for each one of us in this reality. But once our choices are sealed by our physical exodus from this world; we have no choices which we can manipulate. Our physical exodus hurls us back into the omnipotent presence of the immortal Creator. Our living here matters because it sets the conditions for our return.

Nothing about us that does not reside in the immortality of our souls, will translate beyond this world’s purpose and limitations. What surrounds our souls now, was only made for this world.

For me, that illuminates the gift Christ gave us all, by way of his personal sacrifice. He brokered the way to reconnect to the Creator. He rebuilt the bridge that allows us to be reunited with the Immortal from whom our ways had separated us. Christ the return to Eden, Christ the inheritance to a new Heaven and Earth. Christ the return to GOD.

From one limited creature to another. I choose Christ, I choose life.

I Corinthians 13:12


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