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Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Connotation of Singleness

Okay! This notion has been lingering most of the day. I want to stream some show from my computer. Because it’s the time of day I like to stop thinking. But, I can’t. So, here goes.

Although people in the church call Single living a gift, for many it is considered a negative. We think it is wonderful for whom GOD has given that gift, but child, that’s not for me! Right?

I think those types of proclamations make the church look dense to the world. Or if it does not, perhaps it is a matter of “stupid is as stupid does.” Whoa! Put the pitchforks and lit torches down, I can explain why I think this is a sad truth.

When marriage is done correctly. Marriage like GOD intended it is called, dual flesh becoming one! Two humans operating as a single human! Work people, lots of work! A lot of work to reach a place, spiritually and emotionally; we all start out possessing. Singleness is more than just a gift.

Scripture points us continually towards a singleness of heart and mind. Towards allowing The Mind of Christ to dwell in us. Following the leading of GOD with your whole mind, body, and soul. Singleness is the place of sacred living. Singleness is the place of true communication with GOD. Singleness is the place we must all dwell in if we ever hope to love each other, as GOD does. Be careful what you whine and beg GOD for; marriage done well, leads to singleness.

Marriage as a lone act is a promise of “trouble in the flesh!” Success as life partners, parents, as children, sons, daughters, and assorted family designations; only comes when our individual walk before GOD is singularly focused. Therefore, we teach lies to our young. We discard and devalue the place through life they must embrace, and can only embrace as a single entity.

Let’s face it, He said not to forbid marriage. He never said lie and distort its meaning. For goodness sake, He never intended that we should gather our definitions from the entertainment medium. Even a perverse and wick world knows the value of singleness. Why else would they lie and encourage folk to remain single while plagiarizing the benefits of marriage? Even a worldly society understands the freedoms wrapped in single living. Why do the children of darkness understand this, but not the children of the light?

Maybe because the act of sex without the benefit of marriage is a clear violation of GOD’s commandment. We are nothing if we are not the original people of “having our cake and eating it too!” So, we extol the virtues of marriage, never clearly identifying the work required to be successful. In the same voice, we insinuate the disadvantage of singleness. If anyone lives successfully and single, child its got to be a gift; cause GOD told us to replenish the earth.” Newsflash, we do done, did that long, long, long, long ago! Mission accomplished! So why continue marrying in the earth?

It is not because of a need for companionship, which is one of our go-to statements. I have never found a shortage of people who needed me or wanted my companionship. In my past, even my finances were assumed fodder for the married, single, and child-rearing adult. One of my cousins knew my pay schedule better than I did. She would contact me the night before payday and ask for a loan. A loan I would eventually have to ask her to repay. Once she boldly remarked while grudgingly repaying me; that I didn’t need the money because I was single. Stupid then challenged me to tell her what I was going to do with that money.

I claim, successful single living caused me to end that behavior at the second request. But, I had siblings who would not bring their children around to visit, because I would not babysit so they could go out with their husband. I guess the assumption was my free time was by osmosis their free time. Because only when you are married should you take or need time off. You know, though single people work jobs, clean house, do laundry, cook etc., they don’t need time down. Apparently when you are single its all play. So, part of your service to GOD and family is too allow the married couple downtime from their GOD given responsibilities.

Let’s see. That covers marrying for companionship. Or marrying because you don’t want to be alone. You can check that one off, you can get that in spades when you are single. Marrying so that your friends or family can bring in more income to offset your income base. Nope! That’s a malady that affects all who are unable to earn or who are undisciplined with money. Perhaps, marrying to inherit money via your mate! Nope! Ever heard of a filthy rich and single inheritor. Ever hear of the offspring of a rich man? So, we don’t need marriage for that!

I want to have children! Nope! Ever hear of the adoption option? There you go, a ministry and children even if you are single! I don’t want to raise children alone. Usually spoken by individuals already doing what they are dreading. Nope! Ever hear of GOD the great equalizer. The father, mother, family for us all.

You know what that leaves? Sexual intimacy! A benefit GOD encapsulated in the article of marriage. And you are welcome. In His infinite wisdom, GOD sweetened the pot for a journey that is fraught with intense and conscious labor. I hope you have been able to teach one another a thing or two. You’re going to need that part to be rich, rich, Richie rich! I hope you learn the value of embracing the art of matrimony with singleness of heart and commitment. It is an act of lifetime proportions. But, even if done correctly, you alone stand accountable for your journey in the earth.

Single or married; we all stand before GOD, only for ourselves. In Heaven, the game parameters are real. Let’s teach our children well and honor the presence of GOD in every status of life. Singular commitment to GOD makes any life successful. Single or married I am whole with Christ!

The movie “Forest Gump,” I Corinthians 7:28 and assorted Biblical principles.


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