Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

This I’m Knowing

This matter of trusting GOD is expansive in life. Something that I am realizing every day! Learning to trust GOD for my past, because this covers all my past mistakes or sins. Because this covers all your past mistakes or sins towards me. This trusting covers all my family’s past mistakes or sins towards me. And this covers all my country’s past mistakes or sins towards my community, which covers where I have loved, hated, and lived. Lastly, this covers all international past mistakes or sins that countries have committed towards my country; and my country towards others. When it comes to the past, trusting GOD is essential to living free in the present day.

Learning to trust GOD is necessary to my present living because it covers all current mistakes or sins that I may perpetuate, my family may perpetuate, you, my country, and the world at large. When I trust GOD, forgiveness, and loving are automatic to living. Not because any of us own all we do wrong, but because when I trust GOD, I can allow him the job of retribution and revenge. Which I am learning, is only done correctly when left to the heart and order of the Lord. When I trust GOD, I am empowered to step around, over, and beyond all the physical obstacles, heart pains, ego bruising, emotion numbing behavior of a sin lost, weary, and infected world. If I can but trust GOD.

And for the future, trusting GOD is absolute; governing and dispensing growth, restoration, and victory! It allows me to dream GOD’s desire for me, and then live in the waking and realization of my own dreams. As I trust GOD it settles all questions, moves me beyond the grasp of worry for the future. Trusting GOD does not change the world, but it does change me. When I trust GOD everything is possible, nothing is necessary. The world will keep on spinning until it does no more. But trust allows me a sure walk through life exceeding the strength of gravity and fruits of sin. Trust teaches me how to remain free!


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