Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Cold Beauty

The promise of snow did not materialize today. In its place wafted a cold foggy mist. Shrouding everything I could see, and enveloping the entire town in silence. It lends the sense of walking down a foggy London street, passing windows that peek into homes, lit with hearth fires. I listen for the distant patter of hooves on cobblestone street. But Sherlock is long gone from this earth; still, I have the warmth of forced heat, a reasonable trade.

I only have the one large grate in the floor, bravely casting heat into the front room and the kitchen. Everywhere else in the house, rooms seem to draw closer to the one source of heat. I turn on the oven and soon all is content.

Time has fallen back, and with it the night comes to roost sooner. So, I venture into the cold of the sun porch to wrap my screen door, and lock the front door against the approaching dusk. There will be no sunset, there never was a sunrise. Even the heaven has taken a vacation day. I can imagine it sitting curled upon a favorite cloud bank, wrapped tight against the chill; watching a favorite movie.

My choice was a German remake of the classical Swiss story, Heidi. I just finished a bowl of pintos, laced through with sausage, hamburger and cheese. And I didn’t forget the sweet cornbread. So, it’s all good out here in the fields of the children of the corn. I hope your evening is as peaceful and warm as I am right now. Let’s give grief the day off. It can wait until tomorrow, sorrow is a willing placeholder. Tell someone you love them. Wrap the arms of your heart tight around the worthiness of GOD; and enjoy.


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