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Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

True Family

I have noticed a trend lately. At least among my family and friends. A pronounced attentiveness to the notion of ‘family.’ But I have also noted that this emphasis comes primarily from family members; who have in fact, been the ones disjointed, separated, and dismissive of the family. Now, it is the latest, greatest everything, if they can be believed.

What do you say to people, who by their very absence have made their presence of no effect. People who have separated themselves from your life, for many reasons, and reappear years later as if a spot was always held in reserve for them.

I think we live in error, when we treat people like we do GOD. The love of GOD marks your spot, waiting patiently for you to make your move; before it is too late. But we humans must move past the place of pain, disappointments, misery, and betrayal. It is a matter of survival. So, when your own heart has moved past its own “fit-throwing,” you must carve that space out again. A wonderful way to start is with an apology for the distance your leaving created.

I am now researching the Word of GOD concerning the definition of family. So far, I am discovering that it is not necessarily defined by your parentage. In fact, the clearest definition for family is identified when scripture speaks of the fellowship of believers, not flesh and blood. (Matthew 12:46-50 & Mark 3:32-35 KJV)

As usual we have it twisted. It certainly explains how it is possible for us to hate one another, if we don’t have the same parents, or last name, or skin color; then we must not be family.

Yet, every race on this planet can trace its origins back to the family of Noah. If there is a debate concerning who inhabited the earth from Genesis forward, it certainly can’t be debated after the disembarkment from the Art of Noah. (Genesis 6:7-22 KJV)

We would do well to remember, geography, climate, nor cultures, will ever severe the ties that bind us all. If it is indeed time to recognize the importance of family, then we must do that for all our sisters and brothers. Lord teach us how
to love one another. We just don’t get it!

King James Version/Bible


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