Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Vehement Vigilance

My brother and I have been discussing the ease with which we all fail when we are tempted. We are beginning to understand how to avoid such defeated living. Birds fly overhead all the time, but we are not required to allow them to build nest in our hair.

“Hanta Yo!” English interpretation; “clear the way.” Or in 21st century vernacular, just let! Just let what? The mind of Christ dwell in you.
This reminded me of two stories I heard; one as a between-teen, and later one as a young adult.

My Dad did not want his children to cultivate gossiping, so he told us this story. Five women sat out on a porch watching others as they walked past. They seemed to have an opinion on every person and what was wrong with them. They roared with laughter at their own cleverness and accurate descriptions.

Soon the day was far spent, and one of the five had to leave. Immediately the group begin to ‘talk about’ their departed friend. Then a second lady had to rush home. Once again, the three remaining ladies begin to ‘talk about’ that friend.

Time passed and conversation, along with the foot traffic begin to slow. Suddenly, one of the ladies begin to weep. Her friends were startled but quick to offer their comfort. In answer to their inquiries she managed to tearfully say. “I need to go home and start my dinner, but I know once I leave you will talk about me”!

So, what has that to do with vehemence and vigilance? Stay with me, my point is coming. (Here! A picture to keep you engaged. 😊)

There is a story about a young couple who wanted to remain chaste until their wedding day. One night as they held each other, the kisses became deeper and longer in their intensity. Suddenly, the young man jumped up, and bolted from the apartment. His fiancé rushed to a window to see him running madly towards his car; all the while screaming, “I must flee from lust, I must flee from lust!”

When GOD gives you a gift, you must not stand on ceremony in your willingness to nurture and grow what GOD has given you. You must be vehement in your vigilance. That means your body, mind and soul. That means for everything and every person with whom GOD has blessed your life.

If that is being ‘out of step’ or ‘out of sync’ with our Society; then that is the extent to which we must be willing to guard our salvation and ourselves.

Will they talk about you, laugh at you? Probably. If the internet has shown us anything; it is the assurance that someone always has an opinion. Some will disagree with you! Some will agree, with gladness! Some think you could have said it less offensively; others will assure you of your lack of qualifications to speak on the subject. Everybody sets on the porch and offers their opinion.

But, we must trust the heart of the Lord. If he said do it this way, be okay with not understanding all the whys. The value of the gift GOD has given you, must reside in your heart. Be willing to distance yourself, even from the object of your affection. In time, you will receive it from GOD. Trust GOD’s timing and methods.

It is okay if they laugh, it is okay if you appear “uncool”. It is okay if they say you are chicken. My Dad told us to respond with; “clucky-ti-cluck cluck!”

If you don’t know the value of what GOD has invested in you; no one will. If its just a matter of you remembering yourself; well that’s easy peasy! Just let that mind be in you, that is in Christ Jesus. I guarantee you, it is no longer enticing when you look at it through the eyes of the Lord.

“Hanta Yo” people, “Hanta Yo”!


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