Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Synchronism 2

I wrote a piece recently that mirrored my anguish at the state of our Military Service people. I decided not to post the piece, but one statement continues to echo within me. So, I think I’ll share the nagging presence of that truth.

“My toughness was never an attempt to control through abuse.
I was not abusive with my tongue, my hand, or my rules. Though I made plenty of mistakes, my central goal was to raise the child in a manner that brought them benefit and success. My toughness was born of an intense love and hope of nothing but, the best for my kid.” I strove to give the same respect that I insisted was mine to own.

“Why does anyone think, they can build a better person through abuse and disrespect?”

The quiet truth is; we are too vested in maintaining our own happiness. So, with dogged determination we beat down the best in our children. Honestly folks. That’s like pissing in your own soup. Give that type of behavior time, and it will water, feed, and produce the hemlock that floats in your bowel one day. GOD does not need to judge you; wrong living bears its own fruit.


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