Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

How to Love the Unlovely (part two)

Always too, too, too something. And the treatments that arise from these conclusions can be tear wrenching, breath snatching painful. This is the sin, I am convinced, that will send most of us to an eternity of punishment. Remember in the book of Matthew, how confused and astonished many were in judgement? When did we do these things, or when did we fail to do these things?

When you did them to the least of my children, is the reply. Then you did them to me. We have so much trouble loving those we think are wrong, in sin, out of sin, fanatical, or perverted. Well, GOD said it is perversion not me! I’m just saying what GOD said.

You ain’t GOD! Shut up! When you think it, when you say it, you should only say it like GOD does. For it to be an effective and life changing WORD, you must be schooled by GOD.

Whether you are sitting face aglow with high praise in some worship service. Taking an irreverent latte break on a, I am God in me, Sunday morning at some cafe. Or living by your personal declaration; “me and Jesus, got our own thing going. This is the sin that will catch many of us. We don’t care for those who give us the “oogies!”

Okay I had better stop! I’m crying, because I see myself. Do you see you? If we are not going to be bothered to ask GOD how to be with His creation. Its okay to just shut up and not hurt one another! It is right to live with a sense of GOD’s love. And that does not mean GOD is morally compromised. Real love assigns value not acceptance.

Don’t worry, GOD will always be GOD. No matter our conclusive, social and collective irreverence. Besides, seeing GOD’s face in peace, is a full-time job. I am okay with letting Him work the kinks out.


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