Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

How to Love the Unlovely (part one)

I remember doing the height of campaigning and Presidential decisions, I said, I was willing to endure and fight against racism, if it meant the unborn would be protected. I believed I was capable of presenting an effective defense, the unborn can not! .

However, since moving to rural Colorado, long before Trump; I am sometimes dismayed to see the funky distorted face of assorted Isms. I will not recant my vow, but it can be painful.

On this past Sunday my heart ached with grief. I learned something so obvious it can go unnoticed. I realized many of the hurts that broke my heart, were ones extended by others all under the guise of right or progressive living

But I understand now why judgement belongs to GOD. It is only salient when applied with a true understanding of the individual before you. That is a GOD thing, impossible for us to successfully accomplish, or maintain.

Is sin wrong? Umm yeah. Does GOD have a prescribed plan for living in this world? Again, yeeaahhh!

Does GOD throw away, dismantle, destroy, or hate us because we spend so much of our existence trying to rewrite, reinvent, or legislate away GOD’s plan for this world. Ummmmm ginormous, NO!!!

Almost everyday, whether in the big city of Denver, Colorado, or the rural countryside, I get to experience the pain of rejection, because I am perceived as different, or odd, old, or fat, black or too light like white. Just a female, must be a dike. She doesn’t go to church enough, I ain’t seen her in any church. Must be a godless, communistic, atheistic, agnostic freak! No, she is a fanatical religious, homophobic, piece of conservative trash!


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