Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

Just Ask

Just Ask

Have you noticed, I am trying to write in smaller bites lately! It’s not because my cousin Diane said it was more appropriate for Facebook postings; I think it is because I am in a learning curve. My plate is only so large, my capacity is so limited. But GOD is faithful.

I have developed a habit of playing over and over old movies and shows. Often these sound tracks are my “white noise” in which to sleep. Now, I must be careful what noise I sleep with, it can easily insert itself into my unconsciousness. Last night was a first for me.

While I slept, I played a portion of the “Hobbit.” At some point during a battle, Bilbo begin to cry out. “I’ll do it your way Lord, I’ll do it your way!”

Without fully waking, I begin to cry out with him. I woke myself, and the tears begin to flow in earnest. Bilbo and I crying before the Lord. Happily, I returned to my sleep.

I was left this morning with the realization, that much of our bus-i-ness, involves our desire to correct our world. We really want to eliminate the errors of our collective past. We keep trying, and we keep failing. We don’t have to look far to see the back and forth of our trying.

We seem to fix some things, but break seven more in the process. We are left with a world of half successful efforts. We spend all our time in constant turmoil. And anyone who thinks laws, legislature, media, or public opinion can fix anything, has not paid attention. The end results are more like re-shifting the flow of puss to another area of the body. Creating new infectious areas that erupt and ooze forth the corruption we tried to heal.

The desire to be free from the error of our ways is commendable. But, we are just being silly, when we conduct ourselves as if we have the solution. We are too limited, too given to error, too dependable in our failure. It is not our world, it was gifted to us. We do not belong to ourselves, we belong to GOD. Pay attention!

Ask! Every day, in every situation, with every person. Ask! Make the living count, and the fix permanent. ASK!


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