Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

This Way Surely Comes

The softest of winds blew wildly against the, barely there, screen door I held in my hand. I was holding the door very tightly because it would not take much to cause screen door disaster.

The most notable thing, was not the screen door, but the mixture of cold and warm blowing wind. Mixing as it blew, both cool and hot, mixing wonderfully to become a strong and slight caress against my skin.

Now yes, I am a romantic, but this time my description pales in describing this wind. It reminded me of the soft kisses of a little girl. All kisses from a child, any child, will roll your heart up and present it for slaying. Whether it’s the wet gooeyness of the infant. Who mimics the wide-open slobber mouth technique, used to nurse. And you are not so sure that they might not swallow your face whole. But who cares as you wipe the slobber from your face and present your check for one more!

Or the little boy who starts out with lips of sincerity; but devilishly ends with pursed lips that deliver as many “raspberries” as possible. Until you manage to pry those lips and fingers of young steel loose from your face and neck; and land your own raspberry across a little cheek. Those kinds of kisses can and must become whole body tickling assaults.

Then there are the dry, sweet, petite kisses from the little princesses. Whether she is tom-boy denim-ed or pastel puffs of taffeta. Those kisses are so sweet even she
desires them. So, one kiss can turn into many, and always end with hard tight hugs to your neck.

Yep, I got all that sensation from a soft, strong wind. But I did not linger long, for one thing was certain; this type of wind is usually a prelude to a major storm.

So, I quickly secure my handle less, spring less, lock less screen, and batten down for the approaching storm.

Now, as I write, I can hear the clap of thunder, rolling across the sky. But I am enjoying this moment, because fear stands, “checked” at the door.

That’s so typical of GOD. Storms come but we usually know they are on the way. And the only way we can be surprised, is if we are not listening.


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