Playing with purpose

Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.

My Cousin Bobbie

All day yesterday, I kept remembering my Cousin Bobbie Ann, and giggling all over myself! If you knew Cousin Bobbie, then you understand.

Cousin Bobbie was five feet and minus, and prone to fits of giggles. She was known for the jokes she played on herself. Or maybe it was her ability to not take herself or others so seriously.

Like the time she had borrowed $10.00 from me. After a sufficient period had passed, I cornered her and insisted on repayment! She asked me to come back later, and when I did; she paid me in pennies, nickels, dimes, one dollar bill and a single food stamp dollar!

Yesterday, I was reminded of another incident that happened in an evening church service, many years ago.

The Youth choir had just finished a rousing number, and bolted from the choir stand located behind the pulpit. You remember, this was a way to let the adults know they could not make you sing in the choir. Everyone took seats in the audience but Lee and myself. I don’t know why, but we just couldn’t be bothered to move.

Now, our Uncle Frank Mason, and Pastor rose to preach; and feeling all that testosterone, as men are prone to do. (Excuse me, “feeling the Spirit!”) He announced his desire that everyone should get a Bible and turn to the passage, from which he was taking his message. “I’ll wait,” he assured everyone.

I don’t remember what scripture he insisted we look up, but I do remember Cousin Bobbie’s attempt to cooperate.

You see Cousin Bobbie was sitting at the organ, where she had been pretending to play for the choir. We can talk about the one tune she played for every selection later, okay?

Anyway, she is sitting on this high perch, but for some reason her purse with its small Bible inside; was sitting on the floor at the side of the organ. Cousin Bobbie, all four feet, and GOD help us inches of her, begin reaching for her purse; while still sitting on the organ bench.

I swear, my perception went into a sllooww-motion track, and I watched in horror as the bench begin to pitch over, and to the side with her on board.

I could not watch, so I bent over hiding my face in my lap. Trying to stifle the wild laughter that pressed against my lips. While Lee just rolled to her side, face down on the bench, howling with laughter.

I looked up just in time to see Cousin Bobbie with a small giggle, re-seat herself. Then Jesus have mercy, she reached around the corner of that organ again. From the
same perilous height of that organ bench.

I was lost. This time unable to watch, I joined Lee, who by now had slid to the floor. Screaming with laughter, we horse snorted our way to relief. I don’t know how long we rolled on the floor between those benches.

But I do remember that when we finally were able to sit upright, all it took was a glance from Cousin Bobbie, or at each other; and the snorting would start again.

This was the incident the Lord brought to my remembrance. And then quietly said to me, “the things you fail to accomplish, are the things you continue to do in the same failed way!”

The message is clear for me. No scripture text is necessary. Do it GOD’s way! Or get comfortable with the fall.


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